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Get custom garments created by professional fashion designers. Ready for manufacturing with our Factory Ready Tech packs

Experience the SFW Difference: Dedicated Designers

Beautifully Designed Garments - We guarantee that all designs are unique, and one of a kind

Detailed Design Board with clear garment specs

Professional "Factory Ready" Tech Packs

We're the Full Apparel Solution. We create designs, develop tech packs, produce samples, provide quotes, and complete manufacturing.

First contact sialkot fitness wear clothing use those way

You can send message to us direct, e-mail address is

Besides can also send message through this page:

Either way, we can get the information you send, and we will respond to you in the fastest time.

In the message, you can tell us which styles would you want to produce , how many pieces products want to production, fabric components, sewing requirements and other information. If you have images or sketch will help us more fully understand your needs.

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Delivery normally takes 3-4 weeks after the artwork has been approved. Once your order is complete, we will send you photos of your products so that you can get a final look at the finished products before we ship them. At this time we require the remaining balance of the order to be paid in full prior to shipping.

Sialkot Fitness wear  is a clothing manufacturer in  Sialkot Pakistan  was established in 2003. Up to now, has served more than 1700 brands and fashion designer .

We have 300 employees, average age 27.5 years old, can start 19 production lines simultaneously.

Small minimum order quantity

Sialkot fitness wear (Pvt)Ltd.  accept small quantities custom made clothing orders, minimum order quantity 50 pieces per style, can mix sizes.

For those who want to build their own brand of clothing people, small quantities of clothing orders can reduce investment, reduce risk.

As more and more people want to build their own clothing line, we try to provide more services, from fabric sourcing, pattern design, all the way to packaging, try best for every detail, in line with customer requirements .

In addition to sewing, we also offer private label & tags, embroidery,printing and other, according to the client's sample or sketch production, especially for some unusual style, I believe we can have more experience than regular clothing manufacturer.

The following detailed description of our company:

- Employees

The average age of 27.5 years, male to female ratio 3:7 , more than 80% of employees with more than three years of work experience.

We promise: not using underage workers, employees can get to get their wages on time, buy three or more commercial insurance for employees.

Sewing , Private label , Accessories, Sourcing fabric,Embroidery,Pattern design,Printing,Packing


We customized active sports wear ,  it takes just seconds to design your gear with your colors,  Looking for custom apparel for your company or club event? Just visiit our custom  to start creating your own designs. Whether you're looking for custom t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, jerseys, duffle bags or more, SFW has the best customized gear at the lowest prices - Guaranteed.


We regulerly  produce men's, women's gym clothing, active wear, yoga wear, compresión clothing, , children's active wear clothing, knitwear, woven garments, sportswear.

- Equipment

Keep all equipment global leader, can be completed on any difficulty craft, sewing, printing, embroidery, packaging and so on.

- Affiliated Industry

In addition to garment factories, we also have a fabric factory, so we can make a very low price to get the fabric, thereby reducing the overall price of apparel orders.

 - Quality

Perfect internal quality control system, according to a recent 10-year statistics, defect rate of less than 0.03%

If you want start you own clothing line, or have any question, please feel free Contact Us, we will reply you ASAP.

Small minimum order quantity

When you want to cooperate with a clothing manufacturer to start your own clothing line, usually clothing manufacturers will tell you, minimum order quantity is  100-pieces per style.

It is too much?

Maybe you already design more than a dozen Products styles, each style only need to produce small quantity is enough.

Maybe you clothing styles have exquisite embroidery, clear printing, special pattern, but replacement soon, want product small quantity per style.

Maybe your goal is to sell to handful of high-end crowd, only need manufacture small quantity order.

Maybe. . . . . .

Perhaps you are considering whether to invest a lot of money, and take relatively large risks to build your clothing line.

But when you see this page, all this will be resolved:

Sialkot Fitness wear  accept small minimum order quantity, for this world can spring up more excellent clothing brand.

This allows you to reduce investment, reduce risk and quickly create own brand.

Style      Minimum order quantity             number of size you will get

Tshirt      50-100 pieces    8 different size

Shirts      50-100 pieces    8 different size

Tops        50-100 pieces    8 different size

Gym        50-100 pieces    8 different size

Hoodie     50-100 pieces    8 different size

Pants       50-100 pieces    8 different size

Jacket      50-100 pieces    8 different size

Swimwear          50-100 pieces    8 different size

Active wear        50-100 pieces    8 different size

Yoga Wear          300 pieces          8 different size


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